Name: T.Y.

Contact: litconnection AT gmail DOT com

Twitter stalk me.

That other blogThe Lit Connection

Flick me? Flick you! Suggestive title aside, this blog specializes in movie reviews.

Why movies? Because I’ve watched enough movies in my life to equal Roger Ebert’s time in the dark.

Because I can watch three movies in the time it takes me to read one book.   I can sniff out whatthefuckery like a bloodhound and I am the movie trivia masta! Does that spell ‘movie critic’? I think it does.

From foreign films, to classic films, to made for TV movies, to summer blockbusters, to the occasional TV on DVD, I’ve seen them all and, lucky for you, I’ve got an opinion and a need…a need to SNARK.

The cheapest movie critic in town: I’ll mostly review older movies as in movies supplied by my library.  If the flick’s on VHS or DVD, I’ll review it! On the off chance I’m able to cough up the cash for an overpriced movie ticket, I’ll review new releases. Unfortunately, I’ve already checked under my couch cushions. Nothing. I’ve double checked my wallet. Barren wasteland. Old movies it is!

Retroblogging: I will also blog movies I’ve seen over and over again. In other words, I plan to review my entire DVD collection.

Eye Candy Play-by-Play: I will seize every opportunity to post hot guy photos! Expect an eye candy visual overload.

I take requests: If there’s a movie that you want me to review, let me know. I’ll be your film bitch. FLICK ME your recommendations.



  1. At last… congrats girl… we never find time but can always make time… glad you made it – Have fun with the new blog. Be interesting to see if you start to favour one over the other.

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